The benefits of playing the children’s game chess

Various children’s games of chess will often appear in the home or school. What kind of charm does such a children’s game of chess have, so that parents and children can’t put it down? In fact, there are many benefits of playing chess for children. Let’s take a look at the practical effect of children’s game chess.

1. Develop children’s intellectual potential.

Children’s game chess can exercise children’s logical thinking ability and imagination very well. And it is also very helpful to improve their thinking agility, reasoning and analysis ability, and judgment ability. It’s children’s nature to be playful and playful. The cartoon-shaped board games have ever-changing advantages and are enough to attract children’s attention. Children’s hands and brains are exercised while playing board games. Their independent thinking ability has also been better cultivated. In the long run, children’s intelligence level will be greatly improved.

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2. Develop children’s communication skills.

In the process of playing board games, children inevitably need to communicate and communicate with others. And because of the same hobbies, friendships are easily established between children. And, driven by common interests, such friendships can last for a long time.

3. Improve children’s resilience.

Winning and losing are commonplace in board games and are encountered by almost every child. In board games, children learn how to face winning and losing. Most of today’s children live in honeypots and grow up under the protection of their parents. Because of this, many children have poor resistance to setbacks. In the process of playing chess, they will gradually become less concerned about winning and losing. No matter what the outcome, you can face it calmly.

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4. Learn to discipline yourself

In the process of playing chess for children, it will not only exercise children’s chess level and thinking ability. It will also exercise their ability to analyze and reflect on themselves. The process of playing chess for children is a process of constantly clarifying self-goals and improving oneself. Learning self-discipline is also a benefit of board games for children. In board games, children will gradually develop good study habits.

3 Best Toys for Two Year Olds

2-year-olds show marked development in athletic ability. They can run, jump, and climb. For fine motor, they would draw straight lines with a crayon. So we can make full use of toys suitable for two-year-olds to exercise their abilities in all aspects. Building blocks are also used to form various shapes. Cognitively, they play matching games. That is, picking out the same items or pictures and putting them together. 2-year-olds can recognize colors and complete 3-4 piece puzzles. And began to have a concept of numbers, can understand what “one” means. According to the above developmental characteristics, we can give the following toys to 2-year-old children.

3 Best Toys for Two Year Oldsimagesbaby products、Construction toys

1. Ball games

2-year-olds love to be physically active. During exercise, areas of the brain that are activated largely coincide with areas of cognitive activity. Therefore, it can promote the development of the body and the brain. We can often play chasing games with our children.If you’re looking for toys for two year olds, balls and soccer balls are good options. You can play throwing, picking, and kicking games with your child.

2. Toys that promote fine motor development

We can use some common items at home to help children train their hand movements. For example, prepare some cups and bowls of different sizes, and then give the child a spoon. Have him scoop beans, rice, etc. into the container. Plus, blocks and large pieces of Lego are great gifts for two-year-old toys. In the process of building and inserting, not only can exercise children’s hand movements, but also promote the cultivation of sense of space. Plus, plasticine is also a great toy for two year olds. It not only promotes the development of children’s creativity. In the process of playing, children can practice pinching, pressing, poking, kneading and other actions. Therefore, it is also good for the development of fine motor and cognitive ability.

3 Best Toys for Two Year Oldsimages1baby products、Construction toys

3. Toys that promote cognitive development

We can buy simple puzzles toys for two year olds. From single-piece puzzles with handles, to 3-4 piece puzzles. We can choose a suitable type for the child according to his interests and abilities. Role-playing toys are also given to play role-playing games, we can use ready-made items at home, or buy some simulated toys for children. Such as dolls, fruits, tea sets, doctor props, etc. Role-playing games can train children’s language skills and learn to deal with problems.

How To Choose Baby Toys

Almost every month in a multi-person home, your baby will be buying a few different new toys. And most of these toys are left unused. There are so many types of toys on the market. So at different ages of the baby, which toys should be more suitable? Let’s take a look at how to choose baby toys!

1. Whether the toy is suitable for the baby

When choosing baby toys, the first thing to consider is the age-appropriate characteristics of the child. Because children of different ages have different comprehension and hands-on abilities. The types of toys that are suitable are different. Generally speaking, toys for younger infants and young children should be brightly colored. Such baby toys are easy to grasp. It can exercise its sensory perception ability and hand-eye coordination. Also pay attention to toys that should be gentle and free of small parts that can easily fall to avoid injury. Larger blocks are a good choice. And toys for older children do not have to stick to these requirements.

How To Choose Baby Toysimagesbaby products、Construction toys

2. Take into account gender characteristics

The formation of different personalities, hobbies and behavioral characteristics of men and women has a great relationship with the tendentious parenting style in childhood. In fact, most parents also choose toys for their children consciously or unintentionally according to their gender. For example, buy dolls for girls, toy guns, cars, etc. for boys. But for very young infants and young children, this gender difference should not be overemphasized. Also take into account your child’s own interests! This is conducive to the comprehensive development of abilities and interests.

How To Choose Baby Toysimages1baby products、Construction toys

3. Does the toy have an intellectual effect on the baby

Childhood is the most critical period for intellectual development. The toys are used to embody entertaining and entertaining, so as to achieve the purpose of developing intelligence. This is the most suitable form of education for the characteristics of children’s receptive abilities and interests. In a broad sense, it can be said that almost all toys suitable for children are educational. Because no matter what kind of toys, children exercise the cognitive ability, operation ability, hand-eye coordination ability, etc. necessary for intellectual development to varying degrees in the process of playing with and operating. But generally speaking, educational toys refer to toys that require active participation of thinking, solve problems or achieve certain goals in the operation process. These toys have such characteristics. For example, the form is lively and can attract children. It requires hands-on operation, and requires the participation of brain activities such as judgment, thinking, and reasoning to varying degrees.

How to properly sterilize baby toys?

Every baby has a lot of toys at home. Are the baby toys that babies have fun playing with really clean and hygienic? What about their disinfection situation? After investigation and research by relevant departments, it was found that the disinfection situation of baby toys is not optimistic. Many parents do not pay attention to the cleaning of toys, and some have never even sterilized their baby’s toys. Next, let’s learn together how to thoroughly sterilize the toys that the baby has played with.

How to properly sterilize baby toys?imagesbaby products、Construction toys

1. Plastic toys

Put plastic toys without batteries in water. Pour in bleach to dilute and soak for about 30 minutes. Use a brush to scrub the dirty part, then rinse with clean water. Finally wipe the toy clean with a clean cloth. Then put it in a clean toy box for storage. Because the concentration of disinfectant is very low, you only need to rinse it once with clean water after soaking. If you don’t like the smell of disinfectant, or your baby’s skin is very fragile, you can rinse it several times with clean water. Then put it in a clean place to dry.

2. Cloth toys

Soak toys in diluted bleach water for 30 minutes before washing. Then use a brush to clean the stained area. Then put the cloth toys in the laundry bag. Then proceed with the normal laundry program. In addition, be sure to read the washing instructions clearly before washing, so as to avoid the deformation of the doll or the phenomenon of pilling after entering the water.

3. Plush toys

Since the plush toy is very easy to deform after washing, we can gently wipe it with a towel disinfectant, and then wipe it again with water. Bring it out to the sun often. In addition, sending it to the laundromat for dry cleaning is also a good option. If it is a detachable plush toy, you can wash it in a washing machine after disassembling it.

4. Wooden toys

Use baby oil to wipe or wipe wooden toys with diluted alcohol or alcohol swabs, then wipe again with a dry cloth. There is another point to pay special attention to. Because wooden toys are made of wood, they are very prone to moisture and borers. So wooden toys cannot be washed. Therefore, choosing baby oil to wipe is a very good choice.

What material of children’s toys is safe?

Toys on the market now not only have different appearances, but also have a variety of materials. The materials of the more common toys in our life are mainly plastic, plastic, wood, cotton and plush. Many parents have always been more concerned about the material safety of children’s toys. So, what material toys are safe? Today, we have compiled some common sense about children’s materials for everyone, hoping to help you.

What material of children’s toys is safe?imagesbaby products、Construction toys

Material of children’s toys

Children’s toys are divided into main materials, mainly wood, plastic, rubber, metal, mud, sand, paper, plush fabric. Among them, wood, plastic, plush are three categories. Be sure to pay attention to the certification mark when buying toys! Otherwise, once the harmful substances in the toy exceed the standard, it may lead to children’s growth retardation. It can even lead to reduced cognitive ability, weakened immunity, ADHD and many other diseases. Parents can judge the safety of children’s toys from the following three aspects:

1. Safe toy paint – water paint

Water paint does not contain toxic and harmful organic solvents and harmful heavy metal substances. And it has no odor, no pollution, and can be non-toxic and harmless. The safety of toy paint depends more on the quality of the solvent used to dissolve the paint. It directly affects the quality of the toy. General paint (nitro paint, varnish) needs to use thinner as a solvent for dissolving paint. Water paint can use 90% water as a solvent.

2. Safe toy cotton material – PP cotton

The majority of high-quality plush toys are stuffed with PP cotton. Another name for PP cotton is polyester fiber. It is a synthetic material that serves a variety of uses and is non-toxic, tasteless, and odorless. The benefit should be that it is simpler to store and less likely to mold than regular cotton.

What material of children’s toys is safe?images1baby products、Construction toys

3. Safe toy plastics – synthetic resin plastics/plastics

Most toys are based on synthetic resins, which can be divided into two categories: thermoplastics and thermosets. The former mainly has a chain-like linear structure, which is softened by heat and can be repeatedly molded. After the latter is formed, it has a network-like body structure, which cannot be softened by heat and cannot be repeatedly molded.

The above is all about the common content of children’s toys. Hope this article can help you. Choose the right toy, let your child grow up happily and healthily!

5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Toiletries

The special physical and psychological needs of special body types have put forward extremely high requirements for maternal and infant products. In particular, you should pay more attention when purchasing baby toiletries. There are a variety of baby toiletries on the market. So how should you choose toiletries? If you don’t know how to choose baby toiletries, you can choose according to the following tips!

5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Toiletriesimagesbaby products

1. Toiletries should be suitable for your baby’s skin

According to professionals, although there are quality baby washes that are gentle and natural. But different baby washes emphasize different formulas. Moms can’t choose according to their own preferences. For example, a newborn baby can be washed a little due to the lack of activity, and there is no need to buy bath products with strong cleaning power.

2. When to choose toiletries for your baby

In the 3 or 4 months after the baby is born, there is no need to prepare a shampoo when taking a bath, just use the body wash or bath lotion to achieve cleaning. When the baby gradually grows up, when the mother feels that the baby’s hair is not clean or dirty with the body wash or lotion, she needs to buy a bottle of baby shampoo for the baby.

3. Ensure the quality of baby toiletries

The standard to measure the inherent quality is whether it is produced by regular manufacturers and sourced from regular channels. The outer packaging should have the official logo of the manufacturer, ingredients, expiration date, etc. Generally speaking, choosing a product with a good reputation is more secure.

5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Toiletriesimages1baby products

4. The purchased product must be complete

Whether the packaging and color feel noble or not is not important. First of all, the packaging material must be non-toxic! And the shape is easy to grasp, not afraid of falling and biting! There is a safe packaging design, which can prevent the baby from eating by mistake; the packaging must be undamaged. The container is well sealed to prevent deterioration of the ingredients in combination with air.

5. It is best to consult a doctor before purchasing

If your baby has sensitive skin, the doctor recommends using specially designed bath products to ensure safety. Bath products designed for sensitive baby skin often feature natural ingredients, skin-sensitivity-tested, and moisturizing ingredients.

Finally, let me tell you a little secret to let your baby take a bath. If your baby doesn’t cooperate during the bath, give him/her a bath toy to attract attention!

4 Tips for Cleaning Baby’s Toys

Babies love to play with toys and love to put them in their mouths. Therefore, parents will be very worried that bacteria will infect the baby. Therefore, it is necessary to disinfect and clean the baby’s toys. So do you know how to sterilize it? Here are a few tips for you to help you.

4 Tips for Cleaning Baby’s Toysimagesbaby products、Construction toys

Tips 1: Hand wash and clean plastic toys without circuits, rubber toys

Plastic toys without circuits, rubber toys can be hand washed. You can start by filling a clean tub with water. Then put the toy in it. Use a clean brush dipped in a baby-specific cleaning solution to scrub plastic toys. Then rinse with clean water. Then dry the toy with a towel and put it in a ventilated place to dry it thoroughly.

Tips 2: Scrub and clean iron toys, electric toys, and wooden toys

When cleaning iron toys, you can start by finding a small square towel. Then dip it in soapy water and scrub the toy. Then rinse it off with clean water, wipe off the water on it with a clean towel, and place it in the sun to dry. When cleaning electric toys, you can first remove the battery of the electronic toy. In order to prevent water from flowing into the electronic components and damage their functions, you can wipe the surface of the toy with sterile gauze dipped in 75% medical alcohol. Alternatively, you can scrub wooden toys with 3% Lysol solution or 5% bleach solution, then rinse with clean water and dry.

Tips 3: Washing plush toys in the washing machine

Plush toys can be directly placed in the washing machine, and some laundry detergents specially designed for infants and young children can be added to wash them. Rinse, spin and hang to dry in a sunny and ventilated place. During the drying process, you can pat it with your hands at intervals. This will restore its plush, padding to its fluffy softness. For plush toys that need to be disassembled and washed, the filling should be removed first. Then use tape to stick the parts that are afraid of wear and tear. Then follow the above cleaning method to clean and dry. The filler should also be placed in the sun to dry.

4 Tips for Cleaning Baby’s Toysimages1baby products、Construction toys

Tips 4: Dry cleaning large plush toys

Prepare a packet of kosher salt first. Then put the kosher salt in a larger plastic bag along with the dirty stuffed toy. Then tie the bag tightly and shake vigorously. After taking it out, you will find that the plush toy is clean. The kosher salt turned grey-black as it absorbed the dirt on the plush toy. This takes advantage of the adsorption effect of salt on dirt. Baking soda can also be used in place of kosher salt for the same usage.

Best Developmental Toys for Babies 0-12 Months

As the baby grows up, the frequency of buying toys is getting higher and higher. But sometimes too many toys can affect the baby’s concentration.

For babies aged 0-1, they don’t need too many toys. Because many toys are in their eyes, some toys may not be as attractive as the trash can. Therefore, we only need to choose toys that can promote the development of various abilities of the baby according to the development law of each stage of the baby.

Best Developmental Toys for Babies 0-12 Monthsimagesbaby products、Construction toys

1. Toys suitable for babies aged 0-3 months

At this stage, the baby’s hearing is basically mature, and he can distinguish the direction of the sound and turn his head to look for it when he hears the sound. And vision is developing rapidly. At first, only 20-30cm objects can be seen, and then it will become more and more clear. For babies 0-3 months, their daily activity time is very limited. They sleep most of the time, so the toys don’t need to be prepared too much.

We can prepare hand bells and small sand hammers. Because the baby’s hearing has basically matured, it can distinguish the direction of the sound. We can use a hand rattle or a small sand hammer to exercise the baby’s audiovisual. Rocking the rattle attracts your baby’s attention, lets him practice turning his head, and lets him grasp it himself.

2. Toys suitable for 4-6 months old baby

At this stage, the baby’s eyes can see a distance of several meters, and gradually can distinguish basic colors such as red, yellow and blue. Their small hands can grasp objects consciously, they will try to grasp near toys, and they also like to bite. We can prepare some toys for the baby to chew on.

Best Developmental Toys for Babies 0-12 Monthsimages1baby products、Construction toys

3. Toys suitable for 7-9 months old baby

Babies at 7-9 months are usually able to sit on their own and begin to learn to crawl. They can precisely move small toys from one container to another. And you’ll find that they like to slap the tabletop or tap objects with their palms. We can prepare some small toys that can move to help the baby practice crawling. Or buy them some percussion toys.

4. Toys suitable for babies of 10-12 months

At 10-12 months, your baby’s fingers are more flexible and can grasp small objects with the thumb and index finger. They already have flexible hand-eye coordination. And he started to have his own preferences for things. Such as liking an animal, liking a car, etc. During this period, the baby can play with more toys. One of the most classic is the building block toys.

In addition, we can buy some other toys according to the baby’s preferences at this stage. For example, most of the little boys like toy cars. There are also children who mostly prefer small animals, kitchen toys and so on. These toys can exercise your baby’s hands-on ability.

Potential Hazards of 5 Common Toys

The quality and safety of children’s toys has always been the focus of parents’ attention. What precautions should be taken when buying toys? How to choose the most effective? As the baby continues to grow, the toys are constantly updated. Today, we have sorted out the potential hazards of various toys for you. Hope to provide some help to parents. Avoid the harm that toys bring to children!

What should you pay attention to when choosing toys?

Parents must pay attention to the safety of materials when choosing toys. And in terms of the structure of the toy, care should be taken to avoid small accessories and sharp edges that are easy to fall off. In addition, it should also be noted that the shape of the toy should be rounded and less bumpy. Such toys are easy to clean and can effectively avoid hiding dirt.

Do you know the potential hazards of these toys?

Potential Hazards of 5 Common Toysimagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

1. Electric toys

The battery on some electric toys may leak due to long-term non-use. The fluid that comes out is corrosive and may harm your child’s skin. These toys are more suitable for older children to play, and small babies should play under adult supervision.

2. Musical toys

Parents should pay attention to the decibels of the music they play when choosing musical toys. You should choose musical toys that are low in decibels, soothing, and not noisy. Otherwise, it is easy to affect the child’s hearing and emotions.

3. Plush toys

Some plush toys have threads, ropes, laces, nets, chains, etc., which may entangle the child’s hands and feet, or trip the child. Parents should be aware of shedding hair on soft toys. Avoid accidental inhalation by your baby. Because it is inhaled into the lungs of the baby, it is likely to cause suffocation.

Potential Hazards of 5 Common Toysimages1baby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

4. Balloon toys

Balloons have many hidden dangers. The first is that balloon explosions can easily cause harm to children. In particular, hydrogen balloons can easily cause violent combustion if they encounter flames.

5. Ejection toys

General ejection toys have relatively large attack power. Such as various toy pistols, water guns and so on. Children should be kept as far away from projectile toys as possible.

In addition, for small babies, be sure to be careful of small loose parts on the toy. For example, eyes, noses, buttons, etc. that are not glued on soft toys. Avoid danger of children swallowing parts. Also, don’t forget to clean toys in time, so that your child can grow up happily in a healthy environment.

Baby throws toys everywhere after playing? Try to do this!

Does it seem that the house has not been tidy since having a baby? The toy was just put away the first second, but the baby turned it out the next second and threw the toy on the ground. In fact, the baby has an environment that can be freely explored, and he will grow up very quickly.

By doing this, the baby is exploring objects and movements that he does not know and is familiar with. This is also a process of self-development. Let’s not get in the way. As long as it is safe, let your baby explore. And toys play an important role in the growth of children, so many parents will give their babies a lot of toys. But many babies don’t tidy up the toys after they pull out the toys, and the home looks very messy. Don’t worry, here are some ways you can train your baby to organize their own toys.

Baby throws toys everywhere after playing? Try to do this!imagesbaby products、Construction toys

1. Prepare a fixed place for storing toys.

The sense of ritual is very important, and it is also critical to prepare a space for the baby to belong to him. Find a corner of your home or a place you don’t move around a lot and place a toy storage rack. Then put your baby’s different toys on it.

2. Play tidying games with your baby

What attracts your baby the most is doing what he likes. We can also take advantage of this when collecting toys. For example: singing, dancing, throwing, throwing, etc. Then use his liking to play a game together and put away the toys together. For example, play the game “Little Rabbit Moves” with your baby. Move toys from one place to a toy storage box. Finally, after moving in, give your baby a big hug.

Or you can put the storage box in front of your baby. Then the mother and baby threw the toys into the storage box together to see who could throw them faster. Give your baby a compliment if he manages to throw the toy into the storage box.

3. Use finishing songs

There’s no child who doesn’t love music, especially children’s songs that are fast-paced and catchy. Moms can play songs about organizing and collect toys with their baby while listening. When you want to collect toys, you can turn on the music. Each time you do this, you can form a ritual. For example, every time the music is played, the mother reminds the baby to put away the toys and participate in it. When the baby is older, it can be done by himself. When the baby is young, the mother’s involvement is very important. Mom’s participation can increase the baby’s motivation and prepare him for the ability to organize his own toys in the future.