Are electronic toys really suitable for all children?

Few children have no play in their childhood. It can be said that our childhood grew up through play. As the saying goes, play is a child’s nature, and toys are an indispensable partner for children’s growth. It is also believed in modern pedagogy that toys can not only satisfy children’s curiosity and playful nature, but also are effective tools for cultivating children’s healthy psychology and developing intelligence. Therefore, parents will buy toys for their children. If the parents choose properly, toys can also play an important role in the cultivation of children’s character and cognitive development.

In recent years, electronic audio toys specially designed for children have been very popular, and many electronic toys and apps have also shown that they can promote children’s language development. However, due to the lack of understanding of these toys, parents will inevitably have questions, are electronic toys really suitable for their children? Do you want to choose electronic toys for your children? Read the following content, you will have an overall understanding.

The meaning of toys

The most important feature of toys is not how “fun” they are, but that they can bring children and parents together, engage in enthusiastic and interesting interactions, promote the formation of close relationships between children and parents, and promote their social, emotional, and cognitive and language development.

Toys can promote the psychological development of young children and are very closely related to the development and growth of infants and young children. Children use games and toys to promote muscle development, motor coordination and the development of perception. It enables young children to broaden their horizons, increase knowledge, cultivate temperament, and develop language. , Improving the understanding of things, cultivating children’s creativity, imagination, thinking abilities and aesthetic concepts, cultivating good living habits and moral qualities, improving physical fitness, etc., all play a very important role.

Some traditional toys have a long history and have been passed on for many years. They are the first choice of parents, and they are indeed good for the physical and mental development of children. For example, dolls can let children know how to use words and words to narrate and experience their own emotions. Building blocks and puzzles can promote children’s fine motor development and understanding of simple space and mathematics. Actively participating in sports will enable children to learn to use their bodies and learn to interact and socialize with their peers.

What about electronic toys?

In today’s electronic age, it is impossible to abandon electronic products. To a certain extent, electronic products have a significant impact on the reform and development of children’s education. As long as electronic products can be fully and well used, they will play an important role in promoting the reform of education, the transformation of educational thinking, and the deepening of quality education.

Studies have shown that if you let him study boringly, it is difficult to arouse their interest. Smart toys can help children improve their cognitive expression skills, logical thinking skills, etc. in games, guide them to learn independently, and develop a good habit of learning more enthusiastically. Children’s exposure to electronic products is inevitable, but parents must strictly control this.


-Children should be less exposed to electronic products before the age of 2, and children between the ages of 2 and 3 should not be exposed to electronic products for more than 30 minutes a day.

-Electronic products used by parents for their children must be screened.

-Parents should learn to use electronic products to stimulate their children’s brain activity. It is very important for parents to accompany their children to use electronic products.

-No matter what toy you choose, the company of parents is the most important thing for children.

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