Best toys for 0~1 year old baby

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Baby’s toys cannot be bought casually, and babies of different ages need different toys. The choice of toys for your baby should not only meet their developmental characteristics, but also be safe.

Some parents buy toys for their children when they see that they are fun. Regardless of whether it is suitable for the child’s age, it may cause the child to be disinterested in toys. There may also be security risks. Because toys suitable for different ages are designed to be different in safety. For example, if you give a one-year-old a soap bubble maker, they will chew it in their mouths. And this toy is designed for older babies. The material used may not meet the safety standard of nibbling. Therefore, we should pay attention to the following points when choosing toys for babies:

   1. It can arouse the baby’s interest and “stimulate” the baby’s hand-eye coordination and senses.

       2. It can promote the development of the baby’s various abilities.

       3. The safety of toy materials, workmanship and design.

  • What kind of toys should you buy to meet your baby’s growing needs?

      1. Infant Vision Training Cards

Newborn babies have immature vision development. In front of them is a black and white blurred world, but they can see the light and shade change. So just buy a simple black and white card as your baby’s first toy after the full moon.

Infant vision training cards are specially designed for newborns. The black and white card has a strong contrast, and the pattern is simple and clear. Babies after 4 months can look at the colored cards. The color cards are bright and bright, with graphics ranging from simple to complex. So as to gradually stimulate the baby’s visual development, enhance the cognition of color.

      2. Baby soothing teether

Babies are teething when they are 6 to 8 months old. Therefore, they will feel uncomfortable and restless in their gums, so they will suck their fingers, bite, and cry. Baby teether is for babies at this stage. The gutta-percha must be made of safe materials, free of harmful ingredients, and not harmful to the gums.

      3. Baby rattle

The rattle is suitable for babies over 4 months old. The rattle is easy to hold and has a crisp sound. A rattle is a baby’s favorite toy. The rattle can also be bitten, which is very in line with the characteristics of teething babies over four months old.

      4. Baby grabbing ball

3 to 8 months is the best time to train your baby’s trunk, limbs, and hand grasping strength. While catching the ball can exercise the baby’s grasping ability and muscle tension, the baby’s throwing, grasping, kicking and other actions can also enhance the baby’s desire to explore and crawl around.