Baby Toys | The best educational toys for 1-3 year olds

Baby Toys | The best educational toys for 1-3 year oldsimagesbaby products、Construction toys

Children today have a lot of toys thanks to the growth in living standards. However, when the child is between the ages of one and three, it is vital to get educational toys that will aid in the child’s healthy growth. Beach toys, xylophones, educational building blocks, magnetic drawing boards, parent-child novels, and other children’s toys are all excellent options. Because a baby’s physical development is quick between the ages of one and three years, his or her cerebral development is also rapid at this time, and some relatively difficult toys can be chosen. Children now have a lot thanks to the rise in living standards. When purchasing toys, consider whether the toy is made of ecologically friendly materials and whether the infant is safe while playing.

  • Common toys for babies

1. Beach toys are essential, because if you take your baby to the park or play at the beach, there will be a lot of sand. Buying a set of beach toys for your child is a very suitable choice. Because there are buckets, hourglasses, shovels and other tools in the beach toys, and the baby will be very happy in the process of playing, even one person can be involved in the game. Parents only need to accompany their children by their side and pay attention to their personal safety.

2. There are many colorful hand-knocks on the market now. The sound is very crisp during the beating process, and the color can also attract the baby. It is best to choose toys without paint smell, so that the baby can also avoid it in the process of playing. Affect the baby’s physical health, but also can cultivate the child’s musical atmosphere. 

3. Building block toys are also a very suitable choice, not only can exercise children’s hand and foot coordination ability, but also can forge children’s imagination and creativity, you can develop children’s intelligence very well.

  • Use toys skillfully to help your baby develop their abilities.

In the process of playing these toys, children can discover many novel ways to play, and it is also very helpful for children’s skills training. Under normal circumstances, babies can speak well after one year old, and can also understand. When adults speak, parents buy some storybooks to read with their children, which can not only cultivate feelings, but also allow children to develop good reading habits.