Best Toys for 2 Year Olds

Babies are naturally playful and curious about the outside world. And most babies learn knowledge and understand the world through play. Taking advantage of your baby’s playful nature can teach your baby a lot of things. Toys are also a good tool to keep your baby happy and soothe their emotions. Toys play an important role in a child’s development. But the toys suitable for babies of different ages are also different.

After the age of 2, the baby’s language development is accelerated. At this time, the baby has mastered more vocabulary, can speak complete sentences, and is particularly fond of talking. And have you found that babies at this stage like to watch commercials and cartoons on TV. That’s because their ability to recognize colors and graphics has improved at this stage. And gross and fine motor tend to be flexible and coordinated. Therefore, this stage is very suitable for using toys to let the baby develop in many ways.

What are the toys suitable for 2-year-old babies?

1. Sound toys

By the age of 2, your baby can already speak some words. At this time, their language ability is in the golden stage of development. And they are also curious about sounds and like to listen to all kinds of sounds. So let the baby talk and sing more, it is very good for his language development. You can buy a talking doll for your baby, and let your baby talk with the doll more. You can also use some audio toys to teach your baby to learn about animals, utensils and plants. Some toys that can put children’s songs can also be played for the baby to cultivate the baby’s interest in music and art. These toys can help your baby learn to speak more quickly and develop your baby’s communication skills.

2. Active toys

A 2-year-old baby is already walking steadily. To exercise the strength of your baby’s legs and feet, you can buy some toys that can move them. Let your baby play with the toy. For example, you can buy some cars or children’s tricycles for your baby. These toys allow your baby to walk more stably. Moreover, when the baby is playing with these toys, it can consume energy, exercise the body, and promote its growth and development.

3. Educational toys

It is also very important to develop your baby’s intelligence at this time. 2-year-olds are already pretty smart. You can use geometric toys to teach your baby about shapes. You can also use jigsaw puzzles to exercise your baby’s thinking ability. And coloring books and stickers can enhance your baby’s awareness of colors.

Children’s concept of toys is more pure

Children’s concept of toys is more pureimagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

Many parents choose toys for their children with a certain purpose. But in fact, children should also be given some toys that are purely for play.

Parents and children have different attitudes and concepts towards toys.

When parents and children choose toys, the purchasing purposes of both parties are very different. Parents usually like to buy educational toys for their children. They feel that this kind of toy can cultivate children’s hands-on ability and problem-solving ability. And subtly cultivate children’s imagination and creativity, even improve intelligence, improve artistic accomplishment. Therefore, even if the very popular educational toys are expensive, parents are not reluctant to buy them for their children. And those more common small toys such as toy guns, parents will find it useless. But what do the kids think?

The purpose of children playing with toys is to have fun. Between a bunch of little blocks that take half a day to put together and a toy gun that fires a bullet with a click, they might want a toy gun more. The educational toys that parents choose are from the perspective of utilitarian development and from the perspective of adult toys. But this judgment of adults is based on the existing intelligence and hands-on ability. For children, in the face of a large pile of blocks and small parts, if there is no guidance, in fact, the child cannot concentrate on playing. The end result may be to pick up a bunch of them and throw them away. Educational toys are of course the crystallization of human wisdom, and they are also a very good way to combine play and cultivation. However, only educational toys are provided without guiding and accompanying children to play together, and these toys will eventually become idle learning tools.

What kind of toys do 3-6 year olds prefer?

In addition to educational toys to play with parents at home, toys with cool external display functions and social functions are definitely their favorites. Although children like Lego very much, it is not convenient to take them when they go out. And especially when boys get together, the building blocks lose some charm. He might prefer two toy cars that transform into various animal shapes with a single collision. Such toys are easier to attract children’s attention when they are taken out, and they can also be played interactively with friends.

Many parents don’t like this type of toy at all. They feel that this one-button transformation type or one-button launch type toy has almost no technical content. But in fact, this kind of fast-food toys usually started from the spread of TV advertisements on children’s channels, became a popular trend, and gradually evolved into a kind of social capital among children’s groups.

Possessing a popular toy is likely to determine whether there is a common topic of discussion between the child and other children. It may even affect whether children can join group games after school. The children who know the most about a certain popular toy or have the most can often become the opinion leaders in this regard, and are very popular in small groups.

There is nothing wrong with the concept of toys for adults, but it is a bit ahead of the children. Educational toys can be prepared for children, but please play with them. Otherwise, educational toys will be defeated by new toys emerging from all walks of life. Although ingenious toys seem useless, you should also prepare a few for children.

How to Pick a Gift | 5 Best Toys for Boys

How to Pick a Gift | 5 Best Toys for Boysimagesbaby products

Toys can not only satisfy children’s playful nature, but also are an important tool for cultivating children’s good intelligence and healthy psychology. Do you have a cute little boy in your home? If you’re looking for the best boy gifts these days, take a look at these toys below. Because the following toys are very classic and loved by boys.

    1. Toy car

It can exercise the child’s control ability, especially the large toy car, which can let the child experience the fun of driving a car, and it is safe and secure, and the direction of the override car can also train the child’s reaction ability. Children’s electric toy car, children can ride, with music playback, virtual game driving and storytelling functions, play and early education integration. It also comes with a remote control, so parents and mothers don’t have to worry about the safety of their children.

    2. Musical instruments

In fact, many children are very interested in musical instruments, because musical instruments can make different sounds, and the sounds are created by children themselves, which can quickly arouse children’s great interest, but children’s interest comes quickly and walks away. Also, how to keep the interest of children is also a learning.

    3. Remote control plane

Remote control aircraft is a high-tech toy that has emerged in recent years. It can fly autonomously, which is very challenging and interesting. It is a toy that all boys like because it requires children to control the flight of the aircraft. Hands-on ability, reaction ability and eye-brain-hand coordination ability play a big role, and at the same time, it can also cultivate children’s interest in model aircraft, so that they can explain the knowledge of aerospace, such as aircraft, rockets, and spacecraft. However, remote control planes are generally not suitable for children who are too young to play. It is more suitable for children over 5 years old. Buying remote control planes for children should not be greedy, but small ones are fine. When buying, be careful not to buy fake and inferior products.

    4. Military toys

Due to their gender, boys are more naughty. Military toys such as guns and tanks have always been their favorite toys. When buying, it is best to choose guns with sound and photoelectric functions. It is best not to buy guns that can fire bullets. For children, It’s more dangerous to play. Or buy a toy that simulates firing, like an infrared battle tank. The tank fires shells through infrared simulation, and the tank that is hit will be killed to determine the winner. Very realistic and fun, and suitable for family battle games with multiple children or adults and children.

    5. Sports toys

Sports toys such as balls, roller skates, etc., can be used to consciously develop the flexibility of children’s movements, the coordination of hands and feet and the balance of the body. These toys are fun for children to play with, but don’t overdo it, and parents need to give them proper control.