Potential Hazards of 5 Common Toys

The quality and safety of children’s toys has always been the focus of parents’ attention. What precautions should be taken when buying toys? How to choose the most effective? As the baby continues to grow, the toys are constantly updated. Today, we have sorted out the potential hazards of various toys for you. Hope to provide some help to parents. Avoid the harm that toys bring to children!

What should you pay attention to when choosing toys?

Parents must pay attention to the safety of materials when choosing toys. And in terms of the structure of the toy, care should be taken to avoid small accessories and sharp edges that are easy to fall off. In addition, it should also be noted that the shape of the toy should be rounded and less bumpy. Such toys are easy to clean and can effectively avoid hiding dirt.

Do you know the potential hazards of these toys?

Potential Hazards of 5 Common Toysimagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

1. Electric toys

The battery on some electric toys may leak due to long-term non-use. The fluid that comes out is corrosive and may harm your child’s skin. These toys are more suitable for older children to play, and small babies should play under adult supervision.

2. Musical toys

Parents should pay attention to the decibels of the music they play when choosing musical toys. You should choose musical toys that are low in decibels, soothing, and not noisy. Otherwise, it is easy to affect the child’s hearing and emotions.

3. Plush toys

Some plush toys have threads, ropes, laces, nets, chains, etc., which may entangle the child’s hands and feet, or trip the child. Parents should be aware of shedding hair on soft toys. Avoid accidental inhalation by your baby. Because it is inhaled into the lungs of the baby, it is likely to cause suffocation.

Potential Hazards of 5 Common Toysimages1baby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

4. Balloon toys

Balloons have many hidden dangers. The first is that balloon explosions can easily cause harm to children. In particular, hydrogen balloons can easily cause violent combustion if they encounter flames.

5. Ejection toys

General ejection toys have relatively large attack power. Such as various toy pistols, water guns and so on. Children should be kept as far away from projectile toys as possible.

In addition, for small babies, be sure to be careful of small loose parts on the toy. For example, eyes, noses, buttons, etc. that are not glued on soft toys. Avoid danger of children swallowing parts. Also, don’t forget to clean toys in time, so that your child can grow up happily in a healthy environment.