What material of children’s toys is safe?

Toys on the market now not only have different appearances, but also have a variety of materials. The materials of the more common toys in our life are mainly plastic, plastic, wood, cotton and plush. Many parents have always been more concerned about the material safety of children’s toys. So, what material toys are safe? Today, we have compiled some common sense about children’s materials for everyone, hoping to help you.

What material of children’s toys is safe?imagesbaby products、Construction toys

Material of children’s toys

Children’s toys are divided into main materials, mainly wood, plastic, rubber, metal, mud, sand, paper, plush fabric. Among them, wood, plastic, plush are three categories. Be sure to pay attention to the certification mark when buying toys! Otherwise, once the harmful substances in the toy exceed the standard, it may lead to children’s growth retardation. It can even lead to reduced cognitive ability, weakened immunity, ADHD and many other diseases. Parents can judge the safety of children’s toys from the following three aspects:

1. Safe toy paint – water paint

Water paint does not contain toxic and harmful organic solvents and harmful heavy metal substances. And it has no odor, no pollution, and can be non-toxic and harmless. The safety of toy paint depends more on the quality of the solvent used to dissolve the paint. It directly affects the quality of the toy. General paint (nitro paint, varnish) needs to use thinner as a solvent for dissolving paint. Water paint can use 90% water as a solvent.

2. Safe toy cotton material – PP cotton

The majority of high-quality plush toys are stuffed with PP cotton. Another name for PP cotton is polyester fiber. It is a synthetic material that serves a variety of uses and is non-toxic, tasteless, and odorless. The benefit should be that it is simpler to store and less likely to mold than regular cotton.

What material of children’s toys is safe?images1baby products、Construction toys

3. Safe toy plastics – synthetic resin plastics/plastics

Most toys are based on synthetic resins, which can be divided into two categories: thermoplastics and thermosets. The former mainly has a chain-like linear structure, which is softened by heat and can be repeatedly molded. After the latter is formed, it has a network-like body structure, which cannot be softened by heat and cannot be repeatedly molded.

The above is all about the common content of children’s toys. Hope this article can help you. Choose the right toy, let your child grow up happily and healthily!