The Importance of Toys in Child Development

The Importance of Toys in Child Developmentimagesbaby products、Construction toys

Children have always had a great passion for toys. Toys, as an important part of children’s growth, can improve children’s ability and intimate companionship, and create very good memories and times for children. At the same time, when material conditions are greatly satisfied today, children have a lot of toys. In peacetime, if the child puts forward the request to buy the toy, the parent will also generally satisfy. Many toys carry very interesting stories about getting along with children. It can be seen that toys are very special for children and are an important part of children’s life.

At the same time, the variety of toys has also become very rich. Cultural toys such as cards that allow children to learn knowledge. Let children pay attention to observation, collection, and analysis of scientific toys such as kaleidoscopes. Action toys such as bicycles that exercise children’s physical coordination. Social toys that develop children’s social skills, such as plush toys. And educational toys such as Lego blocks that are helpful for intellectual development.

The Importance of Toys in Child Developmentimages1baby products、Construction toys

In the world of children, what is the existence of toys?

1. It is an intimate companionship.

In the eyes of children, toys spend a very important time with them and are very close companions. From pronunciation toys when children learn to speak, to balance toys when they can walk, to social toys when children have playmates. Almost every important stage of a child is spent with toys. The relationship between a child and a toy is a companionship relationship. Toys become a child’s friend. Some babies even hold a toy while they sleep.

2. It is the comfort compensation for the absence of parents.

There are many times when children have to be separated from their parents, such as when the parents are going out, or when the child reaches kindergarten age. At this time, toys are emotional compensation for children when their parents are not around. Familiar toys can make children feel more secure and adapt more quickly to changes in the environment.

3. It is a tool for exploring the world.

Toys are a tool for children to understand the world and explore the world. Children learn about the world through toys. From simple colors, to complex patterns, to three-dimensional toys, every part is a tool for children to understand the world. Children acquire new knowledge and content in the process of playing with toys.

Best Toys for 6 Year Olds

Best Toys for 6 Year Oldsimagesbaby products、Construction toys

Toys are an essential part of a child’s development. Children playing with toys can improve concentration, intelligence and hands-on ability. There are many other benefits of children playing with toys, such as the following ones.

      1. Strengthen language communication skills

Toys can strengthen children’s language and communication skills. In daily life, it is often found that children will talk to toys. And this kind of dialogue can just let the child’s language ability get exercised.

      2. Improve children’s motivation

When the child is playing with the toy, he will actively study the toy, and the activity of the child will increase over time.

      3. Hands-on ability

Assembled toys can exercise children’s hands-on ability. When building blocks into various shapes, children are more proficient and content with the control of their limbs. Moreover, in the process of building, the child’s eyes, hands and brain are used at the same time, which is also better for the child’s physical coordination and development. These are all difficult to train in learning.

Children playing with toys can not only develop children’s intelligence, but also allow him to learn a lot of things. Faced with a dazzling array of toys, how should parents choose? When choosing toys for children, parents can choose some toys that can develop intelligence for children to play. Parents can choose suitable toys for their children according to their age. For example, six-year-olds are suitable for Lego, bicycles, checkers, etc.

  • Toys for 6 year olds

      1. Building blocks

Building blocks can help children develop their brains, develop hand-eye coordination, and promote the development of imagination. In addition, in the process of building blocks, children can also understand that geometry has some concepts than symmetry.

      2. Lego

The 6-year-old is a stage of gradual maturity of the child’s brain development. It can have the characteristics of concentrated attention, and can use logical thinking to think about the things and things it encounters. Lego can exercise children’s spatial imagination and hands-on ability.

      3. Chess

You can teach children to play some relatively simple chess. Such as chess, backgammon, and checkers are all very good choices. These types of chess can play the dual effect of intellectual development and training of quick thinking.

      4. Bicycle

Cycling can exercise children’s balance. It can also exercise his courage. Cycling is very helpful for children’s growth and development. Cycling is not very intense, and it can keep the body healthy and keep children away from the computer and get more exposure to the outdoors.

Baby Toys | Best toys for 3 year olds

Baby Toys | Best toys for 3 year oldsimagesbaby products

3-year-old babies mainly need the development of vision, hearing, hand-eye coordination, and the ability to sit and crawl. Parents also need to focus on the development of fine motor skills, creativity and spatial imagination in babies of this age. Toys are good helpers to help babies develop these abilities. If you don’t know how to choose a suitable toy, you can refer to the following list of toys suitable for a 3-year-old baby.

1. Balls

Babies like to sit opposite each other on the floor and play boules together. In a few days, maybe they will have the ability to throw the ball. Of course, they are all throwing the ball without purpose and goal. But they do not tire of the trouble, so parents should also prepare enough patience to help pick up the ball.

2. Building blocks

Babies are curious about everything. Brightly colored building blocks can attract children’s attention and promote the development of children’s vision. Babies love to “taste” blocks with their mouths. Occasionally you will find them biting and sucking the blocks. So don’t forget to clean the toys regularly.

3. Lego

Lego bricks are children’s favorite toys. This plastic building block has bumps on one end and holes in which the bumps can be inserted on the other end, and comes in a variety of shapes. Each shape has 12 different colors, mainly red, yellow, blue, white, and green. It can help your baby be creative. Of course, the baby at this stage has not yet mastered its gameplay, so you can help the baby to create endlessly changing shapes and enhance the baby’s creativity.

4. Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzle is a kind of game that develops baby’s intelligence very much and can adjust baby’s multiple senses. And the price of puzzles such as toys ranges from ten yuan to several hundred yuan. You can choose easy-to-understand large-block puzzles for your baby to practice.

5. Crayons

The baby loves to hold the crayons in his little hands and scribble on the pad. This process can well promote the development of children’s vision, as well as enhance their creativity and concentration. So you might as well prepare some crayons that are easy to grasp and hold, so that your baby can experience the joy of drawing.

Are there any toys here that you would like to give your baby? Hope to help you. In addition to toys, don’t forget to accompany your baby patiently is also very important. May your baby grow up happily and healthily.