The best gift to a child is the influence of values

Etiquette is a concrete demonstration and important manifestation of the level of human civilization in society. It is an indispensable link and medium in interpersonal relationships. It is inseparable from the embodiment and display of people’s good quality and beautiful image all the time. For many children, etiquette is a lost art, along with grace and chivalry. For example, boys are reluctant to open the door, and girls don’t leave notes of thanks. Etiquette is a sensitive awareness of others.

The best gift to a child is the influence of valuesimagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

How to instill a sense of etiquette in children?

1. Start early. Babies can detect “please” and “thank you” in language. They learn the basics from the time they are toddlers. Such as introducing yourself and welcoming others. When guests come to the home, they can learn how to be hosts.

2. Make etiquette fun. Formal table manners and culture for the whole family once a week.

3. Ask your child to use civilized language when answering the phone.

4. Pay attention to privacy. Knock on the door before entering the child’s room, and ask him to knock before entering your room. Tell him not to rummage through other people’s things and not to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations.

5. Show gratitude to the giver.

It is very important for parents to lead by example.

The most important thing in educating children is that parents lead by example. Don’t project your adult’s anxieties onto your child, and don’t be too harsh on your child. Your every move does matter. Because they will watch you, listen to what you are saying, and then imitate you. Although they may not appear to be so. You are their first friend, their first mentor and their first love. They’ll learn everything from you, from how to tie a shoelace and understand what love means. So, you are more important to your child than you think. 

But that doesn’t mean you need to instill all the traditional values in them. No child is the same, they have separate personalities. So, the most you can do in parenting is love them and teach them how to walk with love and learn to live with love. But one key thing is that parents lead by example. The power of example is important. So, the best gift you can give your child is to take care of your life, and your temper. Teach children etiquette, let children become an elegant and polite person!