The benefits of cycling for children

The benefits of cycling for childrenimagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

Children’s bicycles are suitable for children aged 4-8 to ride. Usually, the maximum saddle height of a children’s bicycle is 435mm~635mm, and it is a bicycle that rides with a driving mechanism acting on the rear wheel. There are various wheel sizes and styles of children’s bikes with or without balance wheels.

  • How to choose a children’s bicycle?

If the size is too large, the child will not be able to hold the handbrake tightly when braking, and it will not be able to brake the car. So it is best to take your child to try it out when purchasing. In addition, the braking force shall not be less than 50N. Otherwise, the vehicle will not be able to stop, which will bring harm to children. Some children’s bicycles also have protective wheels that allow the rider to keep their balance. Therefore, pay attention to whether it is complete when purchasing. Bicycles are the first means of transportation that children learn. Children riding bicycles can not only exercise, but also have other benefits.

  • The benefits of cycling for children

  1. Riding a children’s bicycle is an outdoor activity. Fresh air and ample sunlight have unparalleled effects on children’s natural growth and development. Adequate outdoor activities are actually the best recipe for a child to grow up happily.
  2. Exercise is the nature of children. Cycling can promote the full development of children’s movement and balance ability. The earlier you ride a bike, the better for your child’s athletic development. The smallest bike is 10 inches and can start as early as 20 months or even earlier. As long as your child is big enough, let them start riding. Babies are far more capable than you know. Their ability to learn often surprises you.
  3. In addition to simple skills, riding a bicycle also helps to cultivate children’s brave and confident character, as well as the ability to communicate and cooperate. Because maybe there will be an unofficial kids bike race.
  4. Cycling is mostly an outdoor sport. On the one hand, children can breathe fresh air and receive sunlight, which can promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the body and promote bone development.
  5. Cycling is aerobic exercise, which can promote the secretion of growth hormone in the body. Growth hormone is usually stimulated after exercise, and the ratio of growth hormone before and after exercise can be stimulated by more than 10 times. A child’s regular cycling may contribute to height growth.