How to make toys a good partner for children

Toys are important partners for children’s growth and have extraordinary significance for children. Toys can accompany and promote the good development of children. Most parents often have biased concepts such as “expensive is better” and “more is better” in the process of choosing toys for their children. In fact, the value of toys lies in children’s interest in playing, creativity, and accumulation of experience. So how to choose age-appropriate toys for children, in line with their personality characteristics, interests and needs, so as to make toys truly effective and become high-quality childhood partners of children?

How to make toys a good partner for childrenimagesbaby products、Construction toys

Tip 1: Provide toys with a “rhythm” and continue to stimulate different interests

1. Properly control the number of toys. Parents only provide 1-2 kinds of toys at a time, so as not to distract attention and reduce the fun of playing.

2. There are plans to add different types of toys. Every once in a while, you can add a toy with a different nature and function to your child. Let children always maintain a strong sense of curiosity and interest in toys.

3. Hide old toys for a while. Parents pay attention to observe which toys their children are interested in and which are not. Put aside what he is not interested in now, put it aside, and play with him later. In this way, these toys will be welcomed like old friends, and the child will explore new content.

Tip 2: Constantly guide problem exploration

Before playing the game, parents should first have a comprehensive understanding of the toy itself and find out the valuable educational content in the toy. Next, study the safety instructions with your child. For multi-functional and exploratory toys, children can play freely and autonomously, such as some plastic blocks and wooden blocks. After the child shows interest and experience, explore more ways to play with the child. Finally, lead children to synchronise with real-life experiences.

1. Play more with one thing and tap multiple values. On the basis of observing children playing with toys freely, parents ask open-ended questions and encourage children to try different ways of playing.

2. Pair pairs to create a new gameplay. The same toy will lose its appeal to children after playing for a long time. Parents guide children to use their imagination to match toys skillfully. In this way, “old toys” can play new tricks and increase the interest of children.

3. Various combinations to increase social experience. Work with your child to set their favorite theme and combine a variety of toys organically. Encourage children to try to constantly add new toys to enrich the game content.

The benefits of cycling for children

The benefits of cycling for childrenimagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

Children’s bicycles are suitable for children aged 4-8 to ride. Usually, the maximum saddle height of a children’s bicycle is 435mm~635mm, and it is a bicycle that rides with a driving mechanism acting on the rear wheel. There are various wheel sizes and styles of children’s bikes with or without balance wheels.

  • How to choose a children’s bicycle?

If the size is too large, the child will not be able to hold the handbrake tightly when braking, and it will not be able to brake the car. So it is best to take your child to try it out when purchasing. In addition, the braking force shall not be less than 50N. Otherwise, the vehicle will not be able to stop, which will bring harm to children. Some children’s bicycles also have protective wheels that allow the rider to keep their balance. Therefore, pay attention to whether it is complete when purchasing. Bicycles are the first means of transportation that children learn. Children riding bicycles can not only exercise, but also have other benefits.

  • The benefits of cycling for children

  1. Riding a children’s bicycle is an outdoor activity. Fresh air and ample sunlight have unparalleled effects on children’s natural growth and development. Adequate outdoor activities are actually the best recipe for a child to grow up happily.
  2. Exercise is the nature of children. Cycling can promote the full development of children’s movement and balance ability. The earlier you ride a bike, the better for your child’s athletic development. The smallest bike is 10 inches and can start as early as 20 months or even earlier. As long as your child is big enough, let them start riding. Babies are far more capable than you know. Their ability to learn often surprises you.
  3. In addition to simple skills, riding a bicycle also helps to cultivate children’s brave and confident character, as well as the ability to communicate and cooperate. Because maybe there will be an unofficial kids bike race.
  4. Cycling is mostly an outdoor sport. On the one hand, children can breathe fresh air and receive sunlight, which can promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the body and promote bone development.
  5. Cycling is aerobic exercise, which can promote the secretion of growth hormone in the body. Growth hormone is usually stimulated after exercise, and the ratio of growth hormone before and after exercise can be stimulated by more than 10 times. A child’s regular cycling may contribute to height growth.

Children’s concept of toys is more pure

Children’s concept of toys is more pureimagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

Many parents choose toys for their children with a certain purpose. But in fact, children should also be given some toys that are purely for play.

Parents and children have different attitudes and concepts towards toys.

When parents and children choose toys, the purchasing purposes of both parties are very different. Parents usually like to buy educational toys for their children. They feel that this kind of toy can cultivate children’s hands-on ability and problem-solving ability. And subtly cultivate children’s imagination and creativity, even improve intelligence, improve artistic accomplishment. Therefore, even if the very popular educational toys are expensive, parents are not reluctant to buy them for their children. And those more common small toys such as toy guns, parents will find it useless. But what do the kids think?

The purpose of children playing with toys is to have fun. Between a bunch of little blocks that take half a day to put together and a toy gun that fires a bullet with a click, they might want a toy gun more. The educational toys that parents choose are from the perspective of utilitarian development and from the perspective of adult toys. But this judgment of adults is based on the existing intelligence and hands-on ability. For children, in the face of a large pile of blocks and small parts, if there is no guidance, in fact, the child cannot concentrate on playing. The end result may be to pick up a bunch of them and throw them away. Educational toys are of course the crystallization of human wisdom, and they are also a very good way to combine play and cultivation. However, only educational toys are provided without guiding and accompanying children to play together, and these toys will eventually become idle learning tools.

What kind of toys do 3-6 year olds prefer?

In addition to educational toys to play with parents at home, toys with cool external display functions and social functions are definitely their favorites. Although children like Lego very much, it is not convenient to take them when they go out. And especially when boys get together, the building blocks lose some charm. He might prefer two toy cars that transform into various animal shapes with a single collision. Such toys are easier to attract children’s attention when they are taken out, and they can also be played interactively with friends.

Many parents don’t like this type of toy at all. They feel that this one-button transformation type or one-button launch type toy has almost no technical content. But in fact, this kind of fast-food toys usually started from the spread of TV advertisements on children’s channels, became a popular trend, and gradually evolved into a kind of social capital among children’s groups.

Possessing a popular toy is likely to determine whether there is a common topic of discussion between the child and other children. It may even affect whether children can join group games after school. The children who know the most about a certain popular toy or have the most can often become the opinion leaders in this regard, and are very popular in small groups.

There is nothing wrong with the concept of toys for adults, but it is a bit ahead of the children. Educational toys can be prepared for children, but please play with them. Otherwise, educational toys will be defeated by new toys emerging from all walks of life. Although ingenious toys seem useless, you should also prepare a few for children.

Too many toys are bad for children?

Too many toys are bad for children?imagesbaby products

The most common consumption behavior of parents during the growth of babies is to buy toys for their babies. Many parents buy whatever toys their babies want. Regrettably, many times, children’s enthusiasm for a new toy is difficult to maintain after it is bought home. More than half of the children were only interested in new toys for a few days at most. As your child gets older, you’ll be surprised how much toys have piled up at home. Are more toys better? How to buy toys to give full play to the value of toys?

Many parents think that buying more toys for their children can better develop their children’s intelligence. Not so! Now there are a full range of toys and a wide range of names. Each toy will have various instructions to exercise children’s various abilities. But many times the baby will throw the toy aside after the novelty of the toy.

  • What are the adverse effects of too many toys on the baby?

      1. Affect children’s judgment

For us adults, in many cases, we will also face difficulty in choosing. Children are more difficult to choose than adults. If at this time, parents also buy a lot of toys for their children, there will be more choices for children. Then the child will have the situation that this also wants, and that also wants, which makes it more difficult to make a choice.

      2. Lack innovative spirit

Children are curious and eager to explore. If the child has only a few toys, the child may use these toys to play different new tricks. This means that when children play a toy repeatedly, their concentration will also improve, so that there will be greater breakthroughs in innovation.

      3. Will not cherish toys

Children with too many toys will feel that toys are something that is easy to obtain. Therefore, they will not cherish and collect their toys. Instead, after playing with the toy, throw it away at will. The more toys you have at home, the more cluttered your home will be. Parents may be busy putting away their children’s toys every day.

      4. Affect parent-child relationship

The reason why parents buy so many toys for their children is to show their love for their children, but it is also to reduce the time they spend with their children. Most parents think they have limited time and don’t have much time with their children. Therefore, I hope to replace the companionship by buying more toys for the children.

  • How many toys are appropriate?

Buying a toy is about buying the right thing but buying more. If the toys are divided from the educational category, they can be divided into 5 types. They are social toys, cognitive toys, activity toys, language toys, and scientific toys.

When buying toys for children, try to cover all 5 types of toys. But not too many of each. Parents can observe the frequency of children playing with all toys, which is appropriate for 3 days.

Toys are essential in a child’s daily life. But be sure to pay attention to the amount of toys. If it is too much, it will have a bad effect. I hope parents can buy toys reasonably for their children.

Toys: What toys are appropriate for children aged 6 and up?

Toys: What toys are appropriate for children aged 6 and up?images

Just recently I was thinking about what gift to give my 6-year-old niece. It’s not the price of the gift, but the difficulty in grasping the mind of a child. Whether it is a child or an adult, it is rare to be able to send a pleasant gift that the recipient likes and is practical. So I put together some toys for kids around 6 years old. If you also want to give such a big child gift, you can take a look at the gift list below, I hope it can help you.

1. Electric toys

An electric toy with a cool shape and super-fast speed is a toy that will fascinate children. In particular, the ultra-luxury electric sports car is very cool and will definitely make children love it as a toy.

2. Kids scooters

The kids scooter is an outdoor toy that children like very much now. The simple and cool scooter can let children enjoy the sun and speed. Such trendy and interesting toys are also very popular among children. And children’s scooters can improve children’s concentration. In addition, often letting children play scooters can also enhance the strength of children’s arms, legs, waist, and abdominal muscles and the flexibility of each joint, and also has a good effect on improving balance ability.

3. Building blocks

Building blocks can cultivate children’s balance ability, hand-eye coordination, and hands-on ability. In the process of building blocks, children explore and discover the principles of beauty, stimulate artistic inspiration, and stimulate imagination by learning blocks of various colors and shapes.

4. Plasticine

Plasticine has good plasticity and reducibility, and children can gain rich modeling experience and fun in the process of playing with clay. The child’s image thinking ability, creativity and orientation perception ability will be well developed, and the child’s attention and endurance can be well improved

5. Barbie

Barbie is the favorite toy of little girls. Barbie looks beautiful and cute, so children like it. And Barbie dolls can cultivate children’s love and hands-on ability. And often let children play with Barbie dolls will also teach children how to take care of others. And there are many types of Barbie dolls, allowing you to choose in many ways as a gift for your child.

Did the above gift list help you? Hope you can find the best gift for your child with this gift list. When you give your children gifts, you are sure to see the happy smiles of the children.

The 5 Best Types of Toys

The 5 Best Types of Toysimagesbaby products

Different toys can cultivate children’s ability of different senses. It is used to train children’s vision, hearing and touch, and improve their abilities of all senses. Moreover, children are in a high-speed period of physical and mental development, and toys can help mobilize children’s enthusiasm for activities, which is very beneficial to children’s physical and mental development. Toys can promote children’s pleasant emotions, and they will not be bored with some repetitive actions, so that children can move unconsciously. Therefore, toys play a vital role in the healthy growth of children’s physical and mental health. There are many toy products on the market, which can be roughly divided into the following categories.

1. Cartoon character toys

There are many such toys, but to put it simply, the characters that appear in cartoons, comic books, and movies can all be counted as this type. For example, the various characters in “Frozen“, Elsa, Anna, Christopher, and even Snow Treasure. All kinds of heroes that boys like to save the world, Batman, Spiderman, etc.

2. Animal toys

All characters related to animals, such as the various ponies and unicorns in “My Little Pony”. Boys love dinosaurs, farm animals, puppies, cows, monkeys and more.

3. Cars and remote control car toys

Car type toys are liked by both girls and boys. Many little boys like to collect all types of cars, and even many older children do so into adulthood.

4. Building type toys

There are also many toys of this type, almost every home has them, such as Lego, building blocks and so on. I prefer to buy this type of toy, one is that EVA likes to play, this type of toy has a high degree of freedom, and can spell out any shape according to imagination and preferences. Another is that this type of toys can be played by many people, especially suitable for parent-child activities and toys for group activities.

5. Create Types of Toys

There are also many types of toys in this category, which can include: colored pens, handmade toys, drawing boards, graphics, plasticine, etc. As long as there is no game limit, toys that can be imagined infinitely can be included in this category.

The above are the more common types of toys, and they are very popular with children. Different toys can play different roles. If you are looking for a gift for your child, then these toys will be a good choice. Hope this article helped you find the best gift for your kids.