Best Toys for 6 Year Olds

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Toys are an essential part of a child’s development. Children playing with toys can improve concentration, intelligence and hands-on ability. There are many other benefits of children playing with toys, such as the following ones.

      1. Strengthen language communication skills

Toys can strengthen children’s language and communication skills. In daily life, it is often found that children will talk to toys. And this kind of dialogue can just let the child’s language ability get exercised.

      2. Improve children’s motivation

When the child is playing with the toy, he will actively study the toy, and the activity of the child will increase over time.

      3. Hands-on ability

Assembled toys can exercise children’s hands-on ability. When building blocks into various shapes, children are more proficient and content with the control of their limbs. Moreover, in the process of building, the child’s eyes, hands and brain are used at the same time, which is also better for the child’s physical coordination and development. These are all difficult to train in learning.

Children playing with toys can not only develop children’s intelligence, but also allow him to learn a lot of things. Faced with a dazzling array of toys, how should parents choose? When choosing toys for children, parents can choose some toys that can develop intelligence for children to play. Parents can choose suitable toys for their children according to their age. For example, six-year-olds are suitable for Lego, bicycles, checkers, etc.

  • Toys for 6 year olds

      1. Building blocks

Building blocks can help children develop their brains, develop hand-eye coordination, and promote the development of imagination. In addition, in the process of building blocks, children can also understand that geometry has some concepts than symmetry.

      2. Lego

The 6-year-old is a stage of gradual maturity of the child’s brain development. It can have the characteristics of concentrated attention, and can use logical thinking to think about the things and things it encounters. Lego can exercise children’s spatial imagination and hands-on ability.

      3. Chess

You can teach children to play some relatively simple chess. Such as chess, backgammon, and checkers are all very good choices. These types of chess can play the dual effect of intellectual development and training of quick thinking.

      4. Bicycle

Cycling can exercise children’s balance. It can also exercise his courage. Cycling is very helpful for children’s growth and development. Cycling is not very intense, and it can keep the body healthy and keep children away from the computer and get more exposure to the outdoors.

Teach Your Kid How To Ride A Bike

Teach Your Kid How To Ride A Bikeimagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

Cycling is very helpful for children’s growth and development. Moreover, the exercise intensity of cycling is not large, which is very suitable for children. Cycling can strengthen the body and promote the development of children’s movement and balance ability. And often taking children to the park to ride a bike can also allow children to have more exposure to the outdoors and improve cardiopulmonary function. There are many benefits of cycling for children. But not every child is born to ride a bicycle, so they need the patient guidance of their parents. So how can you help your child learn to ride a bike? You can refer to the following methods, I hope it can help you.

  • How to teach kids to ride a bike?

Step 1: Let the child sit on the cushion and press the toes against the floor. You can hold on to the bike and let your child sit securely on the cushion. And let the child hold the handlebars with both hands, while the toes should be on the ground. Allow your child to slowly find and maintain balance.

Step 2: When the child’s feet are raised, it is easy to lose balance and stagger. At this time, parents should teach their children to adjust to a vertical feeling, and then put down the foot on the side that is about to fall to maintain a controlled body balance.

Step 3: When the parent has supported the car seat, tell the child not to worry about falling and being injured. Let the child decide which foot to put on for balance based on the direction of the tilt. And you have to constantly encourage your child and build your child’s self-confidence.

Step 4: Let the child try to step on the pedals with both feet. The pedal position should be in the ten o’clock direction. When the child steps down with one foot, relax the other foot. At the beginning, it is best for parents to help push the car a little, and hold the car mat, and gradually let go when the car is balanced left and right.

Step 5: Repeat the exercise to start. Let your child start trying to get started on their own. Help your child stop after a short ride. Then do the starting exercise again. Do this repeatedly until the child learns.

Most importantly, don’t forget that teaching kids to ride a bike requires patience and encouragement from parents. Let your child learn to ride a bike now!

Let your child enjoy riding time and grow up happily

Let your child enjoy riding time and grow up happilyimagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

Cycling is an interesting fitness exercise for children’s growth. Moreover, cycling can also contribute to environmental protection and exercise children’s bodies. The benefits of cycling are very obvious. Cycling is a very worthwhile exercise. So what are the benefits of cycling for children? Let’s find out together!

  • The benefits of cycling for children

      1. Get in touch with nature

Children should ensure adequate outdoor activities every day. And outdoor activities are actually the best recipe for a child to grow up happily. Outdoors, with fresh air and ample sunlight, has an unparalleled effect on the natural growth and development of children.

      2. Fitness effect

Stepping on a bicycle can improve cardiopulmonary function, exercise lower limb muscle strength and enhance whole-body endurance. Cycling has the same endurance exercise effect on internal organs as swimming and running. This exercise can benefit 3 pairs of joints and 26 pairs of muscles of the hip, knee and ankle. And joints and ligaments can also be exercised accordingly. In addition, it can also exercise children’s balance ability. Movement is a child’s nature, and cycling can promote the full development of children’s movement and balance. The earlier you ride a bike, the better for your child’s athletic development.

      3. Facilitate parent-child communication

Taking children to ride bicycles in the park can strengthen the emotional communication between parents and children. In addition, in the process of riding bicycles with children, it also helps to cultivate children’s brave and confident character, as well as the ability to communicate and cooperate.

      4. Improve the child’s reaction sensitivity

Regular cycling can develop the strength of your child’s leg and foot muscles. It can also improve the speed of the child’s movement, the sensitivity of the reaction and the balance ability. Three-wheeled bicycles can be prepared for three-year-old children. This kind of bicycle has a low center of gravity and is not easy to fall. Young children find that they can quickly master a new technology, which increases their self-confidence. In addition, cycling can improve the agility of the nervous system. The results of modern sports medicine studies have shown that cycling can develop both left and right brain functions at the same time.

      5. Be happy

Riding a bicycle can make you feel good. Whether you’re letting your baby ride a bike for exercise alone or for other purposes, your baby will feel relaxed, active, and more in love with the world when you reach your destination. In addition, outdoor cycling can be used as a simple fun activity. The longer you ride, the more open-minded you will be. Cycling is a skill that you will never forget once you learn it. And a healthy lifestyle to enjoy for a lifetime.

The benefits of cycling for children

The benefits of cycling for childrenimagesbaby products、Construction toys、Remote toy

Children’s bicycles are suitable for children aged 4-8 to ride. Usually, the maximum saddle height of a children’s bicycle is 435mm~635mm, and it is a bicycle that rides with a driving mechanism acting on the rear wheel. There are various wheel sizes and styles of children’s bikes with or without balance wheels.

  • How to choose a children’s bicycle?

If the size is too large, the child will not be able to hold the handbrake tightly when braking, and it will not be able to brake the car. So it is best to take your child to try it out when purchasing. In addition, the braking force shall not be less than 50N. Otherwise, the vehicle will not be able to stop, which will bring harm to children. Some children’s bicycles also have protective wheels that allow the rider to keep their balance. Therefore, pay attention to whether it is complete when purchasing. Bicycles are the first means of transportation that children learn. Children riding bicycles can not only exercise, but also have other benefits.

  • The benefits of cycling for children

  1. Riding a children’s bicycle is an outdoor activity. Fresh air and ample sunlight have unparalleled effects on children’s natural growth and development. Adequate outdoor activities are actually the best recipe for a child to grow up happily.
  2. Exercise is the nature of children. Cycling can promote the full development of children’s movement and balance ability. The earlier you ride a bike, the better for your child’s athletic development. The smallest bike is 10 inches and can start as early as 20 months or even earlier. As long as your child is big enough, let them start riding. Babies are far more capable than you know. Their ability to learn often surprises you.
  3. In addition to simple skills, riding a bicycle also helps to cultivate children’s brave and confident character, as well as the ability to communicate and cooperate. Because maybe there will be an unofficial kids bike race.
  4. Cycling is mostly an outdoor sport. On the one hand, children can breathe fresh air and receive sunlight, which can promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the body and promote bone development.
  5. Cycling is aerobic exercise, which can promote the secretion of growth hormone in the body. Growth hormone is usually stimulated after exercise, and the ratio of growth hormone before and after exercise can be stimulated by more than 10 times. A child’s regular cycling may contribute to height growth.