Caring for your baby’s health: Clean your baby’s toys regularly!

Caring for your baby’s health: Clean your baby’s toys regularly!imagesbaby products

Cute and lively babies love toys. There are more and more toys in the home, and sometimes the baby will fill the whole living room with toys. Organizing toys with your baby every day is a lot of work, but don’t forget to clean the toys carefully and regularly!

Toys are naturally the most indispensable part of the growth process. To provide a safe environment for babies, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning the most intimate toys for babies. How to clean baby’s toys, let’s take a look.

1. The necessity of cleaning toys

Why clean toys? This is because toys are important items to accompany your baby to play every day, and there are far more bacteria in toys than we think. In particular, the total number of bacteria in plush toys is several times that of other toys. So cleaning toys regularly is the best way to keep your baby safe. Toys are best placed in a dedicated toy box.

2. Some precautions for cleaning toys

  • New toys should also be sterilized: Toys that have just been bought also need to be disinfected. Toys are easily contaminated with a variety of bacteria or germs during the production and storage process. Therefore, they must be cleaned and disinfected before they are brought back to play with the baby.
  • Choose a special baby cleanser: Ordinary disinfectants may have some irritating ingredients, which can irritate the baby’s respiratory tract and skin. Therefore, a special cleaning and disinfectant suitable for infants and young children should be used. After cleaning, wash with plenty of water to minimize the residue of detergent and reduce potential damage to the baby.

3. How to clean and disinfect toys?

  • Cleaning of plastic and rubber toys: This toy may have circuits in it and batteries that need to be removed before cleaning. Soak the toy in water containing 5% disinfectant for about half an hour, then clean it with a brush, and dry it after cleaning. If it is an electronic toy, it is not suitable to be put into water, you can just wipe the surface, disinfect it with an alcohol cotton ball, and then wipe it with a towel dampened with water.
  • Cleaning of plush toys: Small plush toys can be washed in the washing machine. You can choose the soft washing mode. After drying, put them in the sun to dry, which can play the role of sterilization and disinfection. If it is a very large plush toy that cannot be put in the washing machine, you can take out the stuffing and put it in the washing machine for washing. 

Caring for your baby’s health: Clean your baby’s toys regularly!images1baby products
There is also a way to clean plush toys, which is to put the plush toys in a large plastic bag. Then add a small amount of kosher salt and tie the bag tightly. Shake the bag vigorously up and down, about forty or fifty times before opening the bag. If you see the kosher salt turning black, it means the stuffed toy is clean. This is because coarse salt, also known as sodium chloride, has an adsorbing effect on dirt. Of course, using baking soda instead of kosher salt works the same way. This method is great for plush toys that cannot be placed in water.
  • Cleaning of wooden toys: Wooden toys are not easy to fade, you can use hot water to wash, you can put cleaning agent in hot water, put the toys, soak for ten minutes, then wash and dry in the sun. If the color is easy to fade, you can clean the toy after wiping it with detergent.
  • Baby crawling mat: Dust is easy to fall on the baby crawling pad, so it is best to clean it frequently. First pick up the baby crawling mat and shake off the crumbs inside the baby crawling mat. Then use a vacuum cleaner to pick up the dust on the surface. Then put the baby crawler pad into the water and clean it with a soft brush. Can be used with baking soda to easily remove surface stains. Then hang to dry.