4 classic isekai anime worth recommending

Do you have any idea what isekai is? Isekai is a light fiction, manga, and animation genre from Japan. The main character of Isekai-style anime and literature usually lives on Earth and journeys to another world. There are usually two methods: one is for the protagonist to travel through the new world on his own, and the other is for the protagonist to be reincarnated into the new world. Game worlds, parallel worlds, fantasy worlds, and more possibilities abound in this new universe. The protagonist’s contacts with people and happenings in the new world are usually the focus of the story. Isekai-themed anime is quite appealing, and many anime lovers enjoy it. Let’s have a look at some of the classic isekai-themed comics.

  1. Spirited Awa
    Everyone is probably no stranger to “Spirited Away”, a very classic isekai work. Chihiro drove to the new home with his parents, but accidentally went to another weird world. Chihiro experienced a lot of weird things here, and also met friends she might not forget for a lifetime.
  1. Digimon Adventure
    Many people have watched “Digimon Adventure” when they were young. This is one of our favorite animations in childhood. Due to the abnormal proliferation of data in the digital world, the connection between the digital world and the real world is disrupted. A group of children were unexpectedly summoned to the digital world and met a new friend called “Digimon”. “Digimon Adventure” has accompanied many people in their childhood. When they were young, many people would sleep with their favorite Digimon dolls.
  1. Overlord
    A lot of anime follows the protagonist from rookie to master, but ” Overlord ” is very different in that the protagonist is very powerful from the beginning. The hero is a passionate game of youth, with the skeleton appearance of the strongest magician form, through the different world.
  1. Inuyasha
    “Inuyasha” is also one of the classic isekai anime. The protagonist is an ordinary girl who is only 15 years old. She accidentally came to the Warring States period 500 years ago. In this era when monsters were rampant, she met the sealed half-demon Inuyasha. The touching stories between the protagonists are unforgettable for many people, and now many people are watching it repeatedly.

If you have the opportunity to choose to travel to another world, what kind of world do you want to go to?