Mysterious universe

What kind of scene will we see when we leave the Internet, leave our familiar living environment, and walk out of the earth? We should not be confined in this confined space. In addition to mobile phones and computers, there are many other things that can attract us. Many people have lost the curiosity they had when they were young. I think when you were playing with toys when you were young or when you encountered some magical phenomena, you would definitely ask a hundred thousand why. It is important to keep a curious mind. Let us explore this magical universe together!

The universe is a vast space in which various celestial bodies and other substances exist. There is no gravity in the universe, and if you don’t bring an oxygen cylinder, you will die, because there is no oxygen we need in the universe. Everywhere in the universe is filled with gas, dust, etc. The main thing in the universe is the planet. There are about 1 trillion planets in the universe, and the eight planets are included, such as Mars, Venus, Jupiter, etc., of course, there are also the earth, the sun, and the moon that we are most familiar with. Through the telescope we can observe these beautiful and strange things.

When our sight goes over the earth, we can see a more mysterious universe. It hides countless mysteries, and humans are slowly cracking it. As scientists continue to explore and study the universe in depth, they have discovered many interesting phenomena. Among them, four phenomena have surprised scientists as well. They are contrary to human intuition. But these three phenomena that violate people’s cognition have been confirmed by scientists through experiments. So what are these 4 special cosmic phenomena?

1. The speed of light cannot be surpassed. Because when a mass object is in motion, its mass will increase indefinitely as its speed approaches the speed of light infinitely. At this time, the energy required for the object to continue to accelerate will also reach infinity. Obviously this is impossible to achieve, so the speed of the object can never exceed the speed of light.

2. Time and space can be distorted.

3. Matter can arise out of nothing. The macro theory holds that matter cannot be produced out of thin air, but the theory in the quantum world holds that a large number of particles can appear out of thin air in the vacuum of the universe.

You can feel the mystery of the universe! Every part of it attracts us. We like to record beautiful things with mobile phones or cameras, so that the beauty of that moment is frozen in the photos. But many of the beauty of the universe can be observed through a telescope. This universe is really mysterious and beautiful!

Attractive magical world

Harry Potter is a series of fantasy novels written by British writer J.K. Rowling. These novels record the process of the protagonist Harry Potter and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley from entering Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to defeating Voldemort. Voldemort is a dark wizard. He uses the dark magic that possesses other people to create Horcruxes and practical bans. His goal is to live forever and overthrow the wizarding administration known as the Ministry of Magic, and conquer all wizards and Muggles (non-magical person). Correspondingly, Harry Potter, the protagonist who defeated the villain, is a wizard with inherent magical abilities. When he was 11 years old, he received a notice from Owl and went to study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In this school, Harry spent his adolescence and harvested beautiful friendship and love.

The Harry Potter series of novels involve a large number of “magic” elements, which are wrapped by a strong English country culture. The literary works created by combining folklore and ancient mythology, incantation and flying broomsticks, unicorns and Philosopher’s Stones are a mixture of fantasy and realism. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin… The fantasy life in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Harry’s legendary adventures have attracted many readers. In addition to the interesting magical elements, the book also involves many moral tortures. As the confrontation between the righteous and evil sides intensifies, the characters in the book are faced with major choices, and these choices also reflect real-life racial issues.

Since the first release, Harry Potter has achieved great success worldwide. Especially after the novel was adapted into a film series of the same name by Warner Bros. Pictures, Harry Potter’s popularity has risen to a higher level. The Harry Potter movies rank third in the box office of all movies in the world, with fans of all ages. As the three leading actors of the movie series, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson have been receiving the attention of many fans. Universal Studios has launched the Harry Potter theme park, which receives tens of thousands of visitors every day. In the creative peripheral series, not only the wizard’s cloak was sold, but also the magic wand, products with the emblem and even Harry’s glasses were on the sales list.

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Jellycat, a company dedicated to making toys that make children happy

For many parents, it is very difficult for their children to fall asleep peacefully, especially for novice parents who have to read various fairy tales every night to put their children to sleep. Apart from the stories of Snow White, My Little Pony, and Donald Duck, is there a simpler way to do it without much effort? Now they have a perfect choice: buy a Jellycat doll! Jellycat’s soft and cute dolls will accompany the children every night.

Jellycat was born in 1999 in London, England. It is a company specializing in the production of extra-soft plush toys. Every January and July, this company will launch new and original plush toys. Some of their designs are cute, such as bunny, and some are weird, such as eggplant, but they have a common feature that these dolls are very soft to the touch. The doll is filled with extra-soft cotton, and it can rebound quickly when it sags when pinched. Irresistible exquisite gifts for children sometimes make them laugh, and they are unique gifts for children!

The name Jellycat was dreamed of by a child who liked jelly and cats, and giggled at the thought of the two being together. The name reflects the company’s medal: a company dedicated to making children happy. Jellycat cooperates with designers in London and around the world to launch personalized toys that stand out among the various dolls, leading the doll market with its unique imagination and luxurious fabrics.

Of course, Jellycat’s dolls are not only suitable for children, it is suitable for people of all ages. They are also great gifts for many young and adult women. The cute appearance can quickly capture the hearts of women. On Valentine’s Day, put a chubby bunny next to your rose bouquet! Women will be pleasantly surprised.

The price of this little rabbit is not high. It can not only be placed on the bed as a companion before going to bed, but also can be placed on the balcony, on the sofa in the living room, on the sofa bed, and together with the pillow as one of the decorations in the home. At the end of a busy day, the moment you go home and see it, you can relax yourself.

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Choose the right toys for your child’s stage of development

Becoming a new parent? Toys are essential to your baby’s development. However, there are a few safety rules to follow and you need to choose the right toys for your child’s stage of development. While a good toy should be a source of discovery and entertainment for your child, it’s not easy to find your way through the toy jungle. Here are some tips on how to choose the right toy for your child.

Games and toys

When a child plays, it’s not just a distraction. When adults play cards or tennis, they’re looking for relaxation: playing is the opposite of working. For the child, playing is to exercise his mind and his strength. Playing is their normal activity and is an essential part of their development.

By playing, the child develops his imagination, his creativity: he experiences an activity that belongs to him by expressing his reactions, his emotions. When Lisa scolds her doll for wetting her panties, she is probably imitating the severity of her parents. Axel was very afraid because a car skidded in front of theirs: for several days, he “replayed” this accident with his little cars. Sarah had a lot of fun at the school fair; with her stuffed animals, she re-enacted the activities and games that she particularly enjoyed. It is important that children have time for these free, spontaneous games; they do not need to be constantly occupied with activities that may seem more useful or with sophisticated toys.

Preferences at different ages

Depending on the age of their child, parents don’t always know what toys to offer. When they walk into a store, it is more often to ask for “a toy for a 2-year-old girl or a 3-year-old boy” than for a doll or a car. But each age has its own preferences. That’s why we hope to help you by giving you a commented list of toys that will please your child from 1 month to 4 years old. Of course, if your child doesn’t like building sets or puzzles at the age when other children are interested in them, don’t draw any conclusions about his development. He simply has other interests and you will surely find them.

1 to 4 months

He is discovering sounds and colors. This is the age of rattles: large ones with a wide handle because a baby has trouble grasping; with colored balls or bells; to chew on to soothe the gums; with a chain that can be attached to the crib or baby carriage, etc. You can also hang animals on the bed; choose them in rubber or fabric, so they are washable, because your baby will soon be putting them in his mouth. You can also hang up a mobile, as babies like things that move. You will notice that already at this age, the child can tell the difference between hard and soft, between a rag doll and a plastic rattle.

4 to 8 months

Your baby learns to use his hands in many different ways: he feels, scratches, pulls, presses, lets go. Put your baby on a playmat so he can try out the things he’s interested in doing at this age. Alternate positions on his stomach and on his back until he knows how to roll over on his own. Give him rubber animals that make noise when squeezed, and more clever rattles that will give him new satisfactions, such as a musical rattle. He likes to look at little mirrors and sometimes, without knowing it, discover his face in them. He enjoys looking at picture books. This is the age when children try to lift themselves up to sit down; a small gantry attached to their bed or playpen will amuse them greatly. At night, a music box will help them fall asleep.

8 to 12 months

You can put your child in his playpen with his toys around him. Throwing things as far and as often as possible, not to annoy you, but to see where they fall, is the most fun. So give him toys that don’t break: rubber animals, plastic blocks, cloth dolls, stuffed animals. He also likes to play with beads and spirals, moving large beads along several axes. He exercises his skill with rings to be placed on a central axis to build a pyramid. Shaking a game that makes noise (a rain stick or a “moo box”) makes him laugh a lot. He loves – and will continue to love in the next stage – boxes of all kinds: shoe boxes, plastic boxes… He’s always putting in and taking out cubes and other treasures, and he also practices closing the lids. At this age, he’s starting to crawl and enjoys small objects that he can hold in one hand while moving around. For bath time, give him floating animals: fish, ducks, frogs…

12 to 18 months

Pushing a toy that rolls in front of him, and on which he has the impression of leaning, gives confidence to the child who is taking his first steps: wooden animal, musical roller, etc. He will also like to pull toys at the end of a string. When he is sitting, with his now more skilful hands, he stacks and nests circles and cups. He also likes books that you have to press to make the sounds that correspond to the pictures (animal cries, wind, rain, musical instruments…), little plastic cars, and big Lego®. Since this is also the age when he starts to want to eat by himself, he plays and practices with a spoon and a plastic bowl. For bath time, give him containers that allow him to empty, fill and decant. This is also the age of the first sand pies. Give him molds, a bucket, a watering can, and the water or sand mill. Think about foam balls.

18 months to 2 years

He touches everything, runs around, makes noise, moves, carries. So, to satisfy these new interests, give him a horse with wheels, a wooden train that he can drag from one end of his room to the other: for him, dragging is progress, it’s more difficult than pushing. He also knows how to get on a truck and drive it; he fills his trailer with wooden bricks. He likes to knock over plastic skittles and tries to pick them up. For quiet time, give him something to practice his skills with: wooden puzzles, nesting eggs and barrels, a “shape sorter” (a box-like toy with holes in the lid of the box that have pieces of different shapes attached to them; the child has to fit each piece into the corresponding opening). At this age, he or she can also play with a mallet on a wooden workbench or a xylophone. Finally, as early as 18 months, a child likes to be told a short story.

2 to 3 years old

Until this age, we generally offer the same toys to boys and girls. But from the age of 2 to 2 1/2 years, habits and environment make that we give dolls to girls and cars to boys. But if one wants games that are generally attributed to the other sex, why refuse them? Some girls enjoy playing with toy cars, just as some boys enjoy playing with a bear or a doll. Jules’ parents noticed that when he went to his cousins’ house, he would play with their little stroller. They gave him one for his 2nd birthday and Jules is thrilled to be walking his stuffed rabbit. This is the age when children begin to imitate their parents and the adults around them: driving a car, making phone calls, going on trips, doing the housework or the market. Melodie, 2 and a half years old, can play the tea party game for a long time: feeding her dolls, the adults around her, herself, cooking. Ernest loves to participate with his parents in the preparation of the family meal.

At this age, boys and girls love the wooden village, farm animals and, for the garden, a wheelbarrow. Think about offering your children stickers, felt pens, colored pencils, modeling clay (even if you find it “dirty”!), and later on cutting with scissors (round and always in the presence of an adult). These activities are simple, inexpensive and yet many children arrive at school without ever having had these objects in their hands. For exercise, children like the tricycle, the rocking horse, and when they are tired, they enjoy looking at a picture book, or practicing their skills with nesting boxes.

Age 3

This is the age of imagination. A long dress and a crown turn the little girl into a princess; with a scarf and a cape, the little boy becomes a pirate. Some children love to dress up, others hate it. Wearing a mask can impress them. Boys and girls treat their bear or doll with a doctor’s kit. They are increasingly interested in books: by looking at the pictures, they make up stories themselves. They like construction games, big puzzles, first coloring; and in the garden, the swing and the slide.

Baby products with high safety

The birth of a baby is the happiest thing in a family, so we will be extra careful when choosing the products used by the baby. In addition to practicality, what we consider most is the safety factor of the product, because all aspects of the baby’s indicators are relatively fragile, and bad products will endanger the baby’s health. AliExpress provides you with high-quality products, you can rest assured to choose for your child. We recommend several common products for you, you can browse to understand.

bolso carro bebe

The baby bag is specially designed for mothers with babies. It can store baby bottles, wet wipes, pacifiers, small toys, etc., which brings great convenience to mothers who are struggling to bring babies. At the same time, it solves your worries, with multiple compartments, so you don’t have to mess around looking for something. You can choose the baby storage bag according to your needs and different occasions. We provide you with backpacks, handbags and hanging stroller bags.

bañera stoke

For a newborn baby, it is not only troublesome for adults but also dangerous for the baby to put him in the bathtub of an adult until the baby can sit by himself for about six months. Some parents choose to spend a good time with their babies in the bathtub, but this is still risky for young babies. Because the baby’s head may hit the hard surface of the bathtub; it may also slip from your hand into the water, or even drown. If you choose to bathe the baby in the bathtub outside the bathtub, bending over is a big test for your back. The baby bath is a product specially designed for the bathing of young babies. You can wash your baby clean in a baby bath without worrying too much about safety. Some tubs are designed with intimate details and can also increase the fun of bathing.


The most important thing about children’s shoes is to protect the baby’s soft feet and at the same time help the baby to grow healthily. Children’s shoes are designed with an arc to strengthen the protection of the baby’s toes. The soles are light and non-slip, strengthen the sole grip and enhance the baby’s balance when standing. Children’s shoes are lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and suitable for the healthy growth of the feet. Children’s shoes not only have high performance requirements, such as stabilizing the heel bone, protecting the ankle, having strong abrasion resistance, slip resistance, and ensuring higher comfort, but also in the application of color matching and environmentally friendly materials. , Work hard on the research of children’s feet. Therefore, we should be more cautious when choosing children’s shoes. The baby shoes provided by AliExpress are selected in strict accordance with the standards, and you can buy them with confidence.

correpasillos bebe

Children’s electric vehicles mainly refer to a kind of toy vehicles driven by electric motors that children can drive and sit on. Children’s electric vehicles on the market mainly include the following categories: electric vehicles, electric motorcycles, electric engineering vehicles, etc. Most electric cars are equipped with remote controls. Because of the surrounding seats, it is generally not easy to have safety hazards. At the same time, children’s electric vehicles can also cultivate their hands-on ability and coordination ability, allowing learning and games to happen at the same time. It can exercise their attention, manipulation and cognition of things. It is a toy that can promote children’s development.

nido bebe

A crib refers to a bed for infants and young children. There are many styles of cribs, which can be divided into: foldable portable cribs, multi-functional cribs, intelligent cribs with control, pillow-side cribs, etc. After the baby is born, it is best to have a safe, comfortable and convenient crib. A properly designed crib is not only a guarantee for the healthy growth of children, but also provides parents with various conveniences to a certain extent and reduces their burden. Good sleep plays a vital role in the development of a baby. Therefore, to ensure that his sleeping environment is not only safe but also comfortable, the choice and arrangement of the crib is extremely important.

Sharing toys

Current educational thinking believes that toys can not only satisfy a child’s playful nature, but also an important tool for cultivating his good intelligence and healthy psychology. The first partner on the child’s growth path is the toy. Giving children some good toys can not only bring them a happy childhood, but also can effectively exercise the children’s hand-brain coordination and development and intellectual development. I believe that from childhood to adulthood, mom and dad must have bought us many toys. In the process of growing up, toys accompany us to grow, it is like a friend. Toys are everyone’s favorite and every child’s favorite. Generally speaking, different toys have different educational effects. For example, plush dolls can comfort children’s emotions, assembling toys can encourage children to explore, and toy cars can exercise children’s motor cells. Most boys like to have a variety of guns, toy cars and other toys, while girls prefer plush dolls and princess dolls.

But now most toys have been forgotten. Do you remember what your favorite toy is? Let me share some fun and popular toys.

Peppa Pig Doll:

I think Peppa Pig is one of the most popular cartoons among children. The animated characters in the page and the family are also very popular. Many children like to have Peppa Pig’s school bags and clothes. In addition, this doll is also one of the best choices to accompany the growth of children. Because its fabric is very comfortable, children can sleep with the doll in their arms.

Toys for training fingers:

The child’s body is at a stage of development, it is very necessary to exercise the coordination of hands and brain. This finger skateboard is very suitable for children. It is not only fun but also good for their bodies, and has the same effect as some intellectual toys.

In addition, there are some leisure toys, suitable for parents and children to play together. This can increase opportunities for communication with children and enhance parent-child relationships. In the process of playing with toys together, parents also play an important role. Parents should guide their children correctly. Playing with toys has many benefits for children, and parents should choose the right toys for their children.

These are the toys I want to share, and some suggestions I want to share with parents. I hope the children can grow up happily and healthily.